The classic rock songs of the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA rank among the most popular oldie-hits in the world. Hardly any other band has produced so many timeless and catchy songs as ELO.
It has often been claimed that ELO’s supernatural cult status faded after Jeff Lynne left the band, but as long as classics like "Roll Over Beethoven", "Don't Bring Me Down", "Telephone Line" or "Sweet Talking Woman" are not forgotten by the audience, there is reason to present these worldwide hits live.
Phil Bates, singer and guitarist of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA PART II, and as such, Jeff Lynne’s direct replacement, brings the greatest hits of these rock legends back to life for old and new fans. After months of intense search, he has now found outstanding musicians and singers to reproduce the great and distinctive sound of ELO. This new band tackles the songs not as orchestral as the original, but in a much more rocking way. The charm of the band consists in the fact that the musicians approach the „time-honoured“ sound with required respect, but still raise the standard creatively. Phil Bates’ spectacular voice compliments the tight sound of the band perfectly. Without any doubt he is one of the best vocalists in the world.
The music of ELO stands for great vocals, unforgettable worldwide hits and true emotions. 
Phil Bates brings this unique listening experience back on stage now.  See it live: Classic Rock at its best and with international appeal!

* This is true rock music!
* Rock´n`Roll Ecstasy!
* preserving the musical heritage of ELO
* every song a world-hit, every single melody unforgotten!
* Phil Bates gained many new fans! A fantastic band rocked the sold-out hall!

To all music enthousiasts and fans of the Electric Light Orchestra and Electric Light Orchestra Part 2!
The projects "Electric Light Orchestra Klassik performed by Phil Bates & the Berlin String Ensemble", "The Music of the Electric Light Orchestra performed by Phil Bates & Band" und "ELO acoustic and more performed by Phil Bates Trio" do not intend or wish to give the impression of being the original Electric Light Orchestra or Electric Light Orchestra Part 2 or any substitute for them. That is, as everyone is aware, impossible. We are lucky to have one original band member of ELO Part 2, Phil Bates. We do intend to present this unique band’s music to a broadly based audience. However, we expressly dissociate ourselves from all attempts to equate these three projects with the original Electric Light Orchestra or Electric Light Orchestra Part 2.

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